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cardamomCardamom is considered to be the most well-known spice, which helps to deal with excess weight effectively.

This exotic oriental spice is renowned for its warming, acute, burning taste. For hundreds of years it is used by Indians to treat obesity.

Cardamom can be used for preparation of various medicinal drinks.

Green tea with cardamom is the European version of tea for weight loss. To prepare this drink, brew one tablespoon of qualitative green tea and half a teaspoon of cardamom grains in a small thermos. The drink should be infused for one night and in the morning dilute the infusion with warm water. It should be used with liquid honey. It is necessary to drink at least two – four cups of this drink per day. Take tea with cardamom in half an hour before meals. It is strictly forbidden to drink tea while eating.

The following recipe is Indian. It will help to rejuvenate the body and to lose weight. Although one of the required varieties of tea is produced in Zhejiang Province (China). So, you need to prepare:

Purified water – 300 grams,

Tea “gunpowder tea” – one tablespoon,

The leaves of hibiscus – one tablespoon,

Ground ginger root – half a teaspoon,

Cardamom seeds – half a teaspoon.

The recipe is as follows. Boil all ingredients in a thermos and leave overnight. Thereafter, in the morning, tea is ready for consumption. It is recommended to drink the beverage in the amount of 15 ml, diluting it with warm water in 15 minutes before eating.

I want to offer another interesting recipe. It will help you to lose weight, strengthen your immune system and cleanse the body of harmful substances.

For this purpose, you will need:

The ground herb chamomile – half a teaspoon,

Lime Blossom – a tablespoon,

The herb St. John’s wort – a tablespoon,

Ginger root – half a teaspoon,

Cardamom seeds – half a teaspoon.

Mix all ingredients in a glass container. Brew half a tablespoon of the mixture in a teapot. The beverage can be used either in pure or in diluted form.

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