CNN Attacks Military Who Asked for Trump’s Autograph. About That…

Donald Trump paid a surprise Christmas visit to a military base overseas. To the dismay of anti-Trump blue checkmark Twitter, who just hours prior attacked him for being the first president since 2002 not to visit the troops. Now, an intellectually honest person would say, “Ok, I was quick to attack the president. My bad.” CNN instead decided to make an issue out of military personnel asking for Trump’s autograph.

Video footage and the written report of Trump’s visit with service members in Iraq showed signing of hats and a “Trump 2020” patch.

But troops’ requests for the autographs could brush up against Department of Defense guidelines for political activities.

— CNN (@CNN) December 27, 2018

Those guidelines say that “active duty personnel may not engage in partisan political activities and all military personnel should avoid the inference that their political activities imply or appear to imply DoD sponsorship, approval, or endorsement of a political candidate, campaign, or cause.”

CNN is what happens when your mom prefers the snippy Chihuahua to your stupid face.

Beyond that, CNN’s own minions think CNN is the second coming of awful (see CNN Legend Larry King Says CNN is NOT a News Network and CNN’s Chris Cuomo Spanks Don Lemon for Pettiness Over Trump/Obama Handshake). Setting aside CNN’s record of suck, the network’s narrative can be tackled with one tweet and two photos.


— The Reagan Battalion (@ReaganBattalion) December 27, 2018

Take your talking points, CNN, and shove them up your pooper.

Sure, there’s a chance a president signing memorabilia goes against protocol, regardless of if it’s Trump or Obama. There’s a better chance no one really gives a shit. Our brothers and sisters are in a war zone. Away from their families during the holidays. Let them enjoy a visit from their Commander-in-Chief. Whoever that Commander-in-Chief is.

No one cares, unless you’re CNN, desperately trying to fill your dumb quota before year’s end.


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