Empty Nest Now? Time for You to Explore Life

Empty Nest Quotes:

1. “Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay.”
—The Dalai Lama

2. “It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.”
—Ann Landers

3. “When mothers talk about the depression of the empty nest, they’re not mourning the passing of all those wet towels on the floor or the music that numbs your teeth, or even the bottle of capless shampoo dribbling down the shower drain. They’re upset because they’ve gone from supervisor of a child’s life to a spectator. It’s like being the vice president of the United States.”
—Erma Bombeck


As a parent, your nest began to fill the day you delivered the first child.  You had a little bundle of joy that changed your sleep cycle when you took a bath/shower when you get to eat and much more.   Your grocery list and cost went thru the roof.  In your downtime, you might sneak a nap, clip a few coupons or wash some clothes.

Little by little your time for yourself went away, and you assumed 100% mom position. 

You may find yourself resenting dad being able to go to work, with no interruption in his life.  You ask him to keep the baby on Saturday so you can shop alone.  He concedes but only if you won’t be out more than an hour.

Depending on how many children you all have, your life gets pulled more directions, and without the kids, you feel empty.

Fast Forward to today: 

Do you know what you like?  

Do you recall the last time you ate your meals hot?  

Without having to be interrupted by the kids?

Today starts YOU finding you!

1.  Schedule a pamper day just for you for next week.  

(Massage, hair appointment, manicure/pedicure)  

2.  Schedule a lunch date with your spouse/partner/friend.  No talking about the children.

3.  Plan a vacation for the next 30, 60, or 90 days.  It has to be a place you always wanted to go, without the children.

4.  Hobbies?  Do you have any you do now?  Use to do? Would like to learn how to do?   YouTube has videos for DIY(Do it Yourself.)  

Visit Hobby Lobby or Craft Fairs to get some ideas.  

5.  How are you feeling mentally?  Do you need someone to talk to; help you transition thru this period of your life?  

There are plenty of support groups and therapists available to meet with you.

6.  If you are not working, would like to work?  

There are exams you can take on the internet that will match your skills, abilities, and desires to a list of jobs.  

Parenting gives you many skills, and in the world of work; these skills will come in handy.


7.  Find a life coach on the internet you can afford to talk to about your desires for personal development.  

They will help you write a goal, put together a working plan, and meet with you on an agreed schedule to help keep you on track.  

Life after raising the kids is your time to find out what you would like, what do you want to learn, any food you would like to try; just let your hair down and be yourself.

Think of this stage in your life, like the day you graduated from High School, College, or Got Married.  

If you would like to talk to Sharon Davis, LCSW she is available for a 15-minute consult.  

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