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The search for a new doctor can be extremely frustrating especially if you’re suffering from a chronic illness or are new to the area. Although there are various other reasons why you may wish to change your doctor, the fact remains that it is an important decision that will definitely affect your health and wellbeing.

The doctor-patient relationship often spans an extended period of time, and due to the sensitive condition of such a relationship, it is vital to select someone with whom you’re comfortable.

Here are some tips that can help you in your search for an Indiana medical practitioner.

1. Identify the Type of Doctor You Need

Do you need a primary care doctor to deal with general health concerns and routine care, or a specialist to deal with a particular health condition?

There are various types of doctors, each specializing in one medical field or the other. Identifying and determining the type of doctor for your health needs will go a long way in narrowing your search.

2. Consult Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company for a list of “in-plan” health care providers within your area; this is to ensure that you select a doctor who accepts your insurance plan.

3. Ask For Recommendations

You can ask physicians within your present health network for information on reputable Indiana medical practitioners. Family, friends and even co-workers can also offer useful recommendations. Remember to ask pertinent questions about the doctors you are referred to.

4. Utilize an Online Resource

With an online tool such as that found on, you can find health care providers who suit your requirements and are situated within your area.

Finding a Doctor for Your HMO

Almost 65 percent of Medicare beneficiaries have HMO plans.  One key element of an HMO is that all care is coordinated through your primary physician (PCP).  It is necessary to have or look for a primary care doctor that is in the insurance companies network when you join your health insurance plan.  It is an important thing so be very careful and think about your options.  Do  you already have a physician that you’d want to continue to use?  In the event that you don’t have a doctor in mind that you prefer, how can you look for a new physician? has a great tool on the homepage (scroll to the bottom) to help narrow your search.  You can see patient feedback, education, work history and health insurance carriers that they accept.

Finding Healthcare
You will not likely want to drive a vehicle far to see a physician, especially if you aren’t well.  Create a list of offices near your home.  Glance at their office hours to be sure they can meet when you are available.  Are they open on weekends or evenings?  Call the locations that match your requirements, and find out if they’re taking patients right now.  Find out how soon you can get a consultation. Lack of availability is a danger signal that you should likely go with a different physician.  An easy way to find a new doctor is to ask family and friends about their experiences.  People are usually quick to share with you both good and the bad stories regarding local medical practitioners.  You’ll be able to compare there thoughts with ratings on our Find a Doctor tool and other websites.

Some people are tempted to just pull a name out of a hat, but this a very important decision.  Remember all your medical care is approved and setup by your primary care physician.  As soon as you’ve found a couple of offices that fit the bill, consider  the kind of person you feel most comfortable with.  Are you wanting some body fresh just out from medical school?  Prefer an older adult medical practitioner?  A more youthful medical practitioner might be more in touch with all the most recent remedies, but an adult physician has more expertise.  Want a male or female?  You will likely be talking about intimate things together with your doctor, and that means you should feel safe with them.

Finding Health Insurance
Interview 2 Or 3 PCPs.  It may feel like a bit much, but often the one’s who look the best qualified on paper become the worst ones in person.  Before you talk with a doctor, think about what’s most important to you.  Maybe you have chronic health issues.  Perhaps you are a fan of a diet, or a particular kind of workout.  Ask a doctor exactly what their ideas are on these subjects.  Does the doctor spend time listening to you or are they always talking?  Is this doctor someone who you would trust, with your life?  You also want someone that you are comfortable being you with.  Now that you’ve found a physician, use a local Indiana health insurance agent that can help you find the right coverage and network with your new doctor. 

Hopefully, the tips listed above will be of help to you during your search for an Indiana medical practitioner.  If you need additional help feel free to reach out to your local Indiana health insurance agent, Larry Medcalf.   You can find my contact information at


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