Fortnites cube is getting ready to pop and dataminers might know whats inside

Honestly, I thought the swift back half of my 20s were an indicator of how time flies, but Fortnite Season 7 is only a few weeks away and I’ve never felt closer to death. But here we are, standing on the precipice of great change and new skins. After months of watching a mysterious cube roll around the map, draining lakes and summoning monsters, we’ll finally figure out what’s inside this Sunday, November 4.

I’m speculating, of course, but dataminers have dug up evidence to support the theory. Plus, there are cracks all over the cube and damn, if it doesn’t open already the internet might explode in its stead. As is becoming tradition with these in-game events (see the rocket and cube summoning below), they’re usually the first indication about what’s coming in the next season, Fortnite Season 7 in this case.

So let’s recap some major events, speculate, and examine new evidence. If you’re already caught up with the cube story so far, scroll down for the datamined goodies.

Warning: If you want to go into the event completely fresh, now’s a good time to turn back.  

The story so far

Way back in Season 4, Fortnite’s very first one-time in-game event sent a rocket spiraling into the sky where it busted a couple holes in the space-time continuum. 

It was from the last remaining rift that the cube appeared, summoned by purple lightning towards the end of Season 5.

That cube then started rolling over the map, printing runes into the ground that created bubbles of low-gravity in their immediate vicinity. It led to bonkers bugs during very expensive tournaments, and eventually, a floating island.

When the cube reached Loot Lake, it melted into the water and turned the surface into lava! Just kidding, it turned the surface into a trampoline because of course it did. With the launch of Season 6, the bouncy lake reincorporated as the cube beneath the surface and lifted the island at the center of Loot Lake into the sky. The island then revisited each rune, filling them with purple energy before returning to Loot Lake. It was around this point where I started worrying about what I’d been doing with my life. 

The runes then lifted out of the ground and moved towards the floating island. Once there, they spit out the purple juice Kevin (yeah, the internet named the cube) forced them to drink and fell to the ground. Kevin got upset, both from the anger wrought by the juice rejection and the pure caloric intake.

Like most of my Friday nights, our cube friend ate a bit too much and burst out of his cube pants (the island), kicking off the Fortnitemares event. Monsters appeared, possible metaphors for Kevin’s internal critic. Why would you eat so much, Kevin? What’s wrong with you, Kevin? Or they’re just monsters. Hard to say.

Now cracks have started spreading all over the cube’s surface. Whatever’s in there is probably emerging on Sunday November 4 around 1 pm ET. It’s when Fortnitemares is ending, and when a one-time in-game event is scheduled to take place, according to Epic

OK, so what’s in the cube? 

Just a quick heads up, this is where things might get spoilery. Turn back if you’d rather keep it a complete and total surprise. 

While we still don’t know exactly what’s in the cube, dataminers have found files related to the event from the latest patch, and we’re going to take a look at those and what they could be alluding to. 

Coming with me? Yes? No? Cool.

The experts at found a bundle of assets related to the event, including some using the name “butterfly”, indicating that the cube is a cocoon of sorts. Take a look at the what Kevin might actually look like.

Some meshes for the cube mid-explosion were also unearthed, which appear to depict a bright, catastrophic boom-boom that will change the state of the surrounding area, if not the entire map. Something’s going to happen with the big purple vortex in the sky, too. Maybe it, too, will berate Kevin for eating too much. 

Image 1 of 5

Source: Fortnite Intel

Source: Fortnite Intel

Image 2 of 5

Source: Fortnite Intel

Source: Fortnite Intel

Image 3 of 5

Source: Fortnite Intel

Source: Fortnite Intel

Image 4 of 5

Source: Fortnite Intel

Source: Fortnite Intel

Image 5 of 5

Source: Fortnite Intel

Source: Fortnite Intel

And now, an asset called “starfield” that looks like an effect that might frame or dissipate around whatever the butterfly is. Nothing in the assets clearly point to any new systems or themes that might result from the cube-splosion, but I’d wager the shadow stones now limited to corrupted areas get their own consumable variation after Kevin’s Very Bad No Good Day. 

Images weren’t the only thing found in the v6.21 files. @FNBRLeaks found audio likely tied to the event. Listening to these doesn’t really tell us anything new, but they certainly do stir the mind, especially in the first clip when things take a sudden tonal turn. Listen if you like, but Sunday is nearly here. 

What map changes can we expect? 

The datamine didn’t end with meshes and butterflies—an image of Loot (Leaky) Lake post-cube event was also found. It looks like the floating island will finally be no more, which I’m personally very bummed about, and that Loot Lake will get filled in with all that floating detritus. Great, cool, yes, sure. I’m happy Loot Lake won’t be an early game nightmare anymore, but the island already solved that problem. I’m hoping that whatever this butterfly brings that it’ll keep Fortnite just as mobile as it has been over the last two seasons or so. 

Here’s what the asset looks like, along with Fortnite Intel’s take on what it looks like slotted into Loot Lake. A snug fit!

Image 1 of 2

Source: Fortnite Intel

Source: Fortnite Intel

Image 2 of 2

Source: Fortnite Intel

Source: Fortnite Intel

And that’s all we have. The rest will become clear in due time.

A personal theory of mine: some corner of the map is getting a wintry makeover. Summer gave us the desert in the southeast corner. Summer = hot. Winter might do the same. I’m thinking whatever happens with the cube butterfly, that it will continue to make “worlds collide” and bring in all that snow hinted at in the Viking village and accompanying skins. Any theories of your own? Let’s hear ’em. 

I’ll be watching and possibly streaming Sunday’s event live from the PC Gamer Twitch channel, so if you can’t be there yourself, stick with us. Maybe next season is all about cylinders. 

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