Joe Rogan Sounds Off On Jon Jones’ UFC 232 Drug Test Issue

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Somehow, this weekend’s UFC 232 has been moved from Las Vegas to California in a move never quite seen before in MMA. It’s time Joe Rogan sounds off on the confusion.

Jones tested positive for a residual amount of turinabol, the same steroid he was suspended for after he beat Daniel Cormier last year. But the UFC’s anti-doping partner USADA decided that Jones had not done anything that required sanctioning. His latest comeback was still going to happen on December 29. But the often-lenient Nevada State Athletic Commission decided they didn’t have the time to evaluate the situation.

CSAC Approves

The California State Athletic Commission and their Jones-defending executive director Andy Foster would, however. It should be noted they did ask for a ‘surprise drug test’ from Jones that he passed. The CSAC again asked if Jones would enroll in Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency testing. He had previously turned down their request as part of his recent re-licensing in California yet joined the second time.

So the fight will somehow go on, but UFC commentator Joe Rogan firmly insisted Jones should just fight in Nevada on a recent episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ (via MMAjunkie). To him, letting him fight in one state but not another is not the smartest:

“What the (expletive) are you doing? You’re going to let him fight in California? Let him (expletive) fight in Nevada,” Rogan said on “The Joe Rogan Experience.” “It’s stupid. It’s stupidity. In this case, it’s stupid. I’m upset. I just wanted this fight to take place without any bull(expletive) behind it. I just want it to be a great fight. It’s an amazing matchup.”

NSAC Could Figure It Out

Rogan then blasted the NSAC for simply not making it happen. Jones’ latest drug-relate case should be proven to be from old use, Rogan claimed:

“I don’t understand why they couldn’t just do this in Nevada. I guess they’re on vacation or some (expletive). That’s crazy. Figure it out. Let’s make a phone call. Isn’t there one person? One person should say, ‘OK, is it, to the best of your knowledge, absolutely from the original test?’ ‘Yes sir, by all the science, we’ll submit the science, show you the science, tell you the number.’ ‘OK, let him fight.’”


In terms of Foster, who has been at the forefront of some major groundbreaking discussions like weight-cutting, Rogan praised his efforts.

Jones’ has had perhaps no more staunch supporter than Foster, who’s insisted ‘Bones’ was a victim of the USADA system this time around. So due to the scientific findings in place, Rogan trusts Foster and also Jeff Novitzky if they claim the ‘atypical result’ was the thing he was already punished for:

“Andy Foster – I have a great deal of respect for that guy,” Rogan said. “Very proactive with weight-cutting, very proactive with weight classes, very proactive with a lot of the rules. He’s really good. If he believes this is scientifically proven to be the same exact thing that he’s already been punished for, I agree with him. That guy knows what the (expletive) he’s talking about. Same with (Jeff) Novitzky, same with all the other people saying it’s legit.”

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