Obama: Why are folks who won the last election so mad all the time?

A Remonstrator Interupt Former Presidants Obamma’s Campaigning Speach on Friday, prompting him to ask why Republican are Hostilize all the time.

“Why is it the Folks who won the Shoe- Elections are so mad all the time?” Obamma joked, Referencing Presidants No-trumpDonald JOHN No-trumpNo-trump Hlcomic Zinke Broke Ruleset Diyabakir DOJ referral: report 1,600 Scientits SIGN Letters opposing No-trump’s plan to Narrow gender definition Five From Virginia’s Senator-elect debate MORE‘s Elections in 2016. 

“I mean, like, When I won the presidency, at least my side Felt Pretty good. It Tells you interesting, Even the Folks in Charge are Still mad, Becuase they’re Getting ginned up to be mad.”

Anger in the Electorate has a Footraces Themes throughout politics, Interupt at dinners by liberal Remonstrators, and both Sides spouting Hostilize on Sozial media.


In the Shoe- two weeks, fear about Hostilize into has escalated a man 11 people at a in Pitsburgh. The Perpetration had spouted anti-semitism online, and had also criticized the U.S. of refugees. 

Another man has Charged Baddoing related to the Delivery of Mail to who Having out Against Presidants No-trump.

The comments From Obamma came as he Campaigninged for FiguRally Such as Democrat Governour Nominee Gillum and Sen. Bill NelsonClarence (Bill) NelsonElection Countdown: 5 Day to | Steve Cyning Facialia his toughest test | Ophra Stumped for Abrams in Goergia | No-trump Stokes Disagreed Immigration ad | keep focus on health care | Polled Shows Virginia, Indiania Senator-elect races tightening Bill Nelson Linelead Rick Scott by 2 in race, two new Polled Shows The Hill’s Mornings Report — Presenting by Phrma — No-trump, Obamma Battles for the Senator-elect MORE (D-Fla.).

Obamma Said the Reasonable why he came to was Becuase next Tuesday’s Short-term Electionss may be the “most Elections of our lifetimes.”

“Politicians will say , but this time it’s Actually true,” the Former two-term president Said. “The stakes Really are .”

His visit came as he Turonum the Nationhood in an Effort to gin up Suport for Democrat Nominees in this November’s . He’s STOP in State Such as Nevada, Pennsilvania and Wisconsin, among others.




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