Positive Daily Morning Affirmations


I am blessed and my life is full of grace as I use these positive daily morning affirmations

When I begin to open my eyes I feel the bright light of the  sun calling me awake, and the sound of nearby animal orchestrates simple melodies of joy in every new day. I feel blessed and grateful for this new day as I touch my chest and feel the rhythm of my heart pumping blood through my body. I feel the greatness of my life, when my body work together unconsciously to enable me experiencing the joy of every new day, I know I’m blessed and I’m ready to bless.


I am deeply loved and ready to give out love

As I rise and think about my loved one, I feel spirited and passionate and ready to strive. I imagine every challenge that will come with great anticipation. I’m excited, I believe in myself, and I never give up. I see my loved one and imagine every challenge I will have with great hope, but I will never give up on love. I treat my partner the way I want to be treated, and I focus on the good in everything. When I greet my loved one, I am deeply grateful for what my loved one bring to the world and me.


I am alive

As I spread my hands to stretch myself, I feel delighted to start my day. I’m inspired as I see the great things around me, and I’m feeling moved to start my day with joy and faith of a good day that will come. I begin to remember all the great things I have experienced, and I begin to imagine greater things ahead. As I feel my breath, feel the smell of the morning, I realize I’m fully alive. I’m alive to feel the greatness of my life, I’m alive to feel the freedom to own my life. As I wash my face and ready to start my morning jog, I know I will be energized and I will be cherished by the greatness of the world around me. As I walk and feel the morning breeze, I’m charmed by the joyful melody of the chirping bird around me, and I know I am ready to start my life. I am happy I am alive.


I am well and fulfilled

I moved myself and prepare myself a good breakfast, and I believe it will keep my health. I believe in myself I’m always healthy, I will nourish myself with faith and hope, and I will hold everyone with optimism. Wellness is my natural state.


I am healthy and I am conquering my body

As I consume my daily vitamin, I feel rejuvenated. I feel the nutrition flow in my blood, and it conquers my illness and defeat it. Today I started my day with my positive habits, and I believe in myself for the positive result. As I prepare my breakfast with good nutrition, I deeply feel the sense of a river of nutrition flowing through my cell, and I am well and fulfilled.


I am full of forgiveness

As I prepare my suit, I believe today will be a better day, and I will face my day without fear. As I look my reflection on the mirror, I am true to myself, I accept what I cannot change, and I strive to be my better self. When I see myself, as I moved forward to begin my day, I know I am who I am. I am not perfect, and I forgive myself for not being perfect because I’m human, but I never stop to raise my bar. I learn from mistakes. Today is the new day, today I take my mistakes with courage, and move forward with hope. I forgive those who have harmed me in my past, and everything that is happening is for my own good.


I stand up for my belief and work toward my mission everyday

Every day, as I read my daily journal, I see myself closer toward my mission. I am the architect of my life, I build my life foundation on my values, and I finish what I have started. When I think what I have to do today, my thoughts are filled with positivity and I know my life will prosper. I am a powerhouse, and my efforts are being supported by the universe.


I give my best contribution every day

I imagine all the goodness I will give to people around me, I imagine every smile I make when I face other people. I’m solid, I’m driven, I’m passionate and I want to give my best. When I move through the world, and as I look up in the sky I imagine the freedom the birds must feel flying in the air. I believe that my life is amazing, my life is wonderful. Today, I create a wonderful day and wonderful future. I see the freedom and I see a fearlessness. I commit myself to be fearless, to be bold, to have audacity in giving my best to contribute to others.


I am at peace everyday

As I start my morning commute, I feel peace, and I realize I’m a spiritual being. My nature is divine and I am at peace with my past, present, and future. As the sound of the music started, my heart is started to dance, to enjoy the fun and happiness of the moment. Then, I open my eyes to see the beauty of my surroundings, and I have clarity in my mind. My obstacles are moving out of my way; my path is carved towards greatness. I am worthy and my confidence is soaring. My fear of today melting and disappear, my heart filled with hope.


I am talented and I am successful

As I read my journal of my accomplishment, I know I am talented and I have plenty resource to be successful. I possess the qualities I want, I am courageous and stand up for myself and my believe. I have high standard, and I am superior to negative thoughts and bad action. My mind is brilliant, and my soul is peaceful. When I prepare myself to start my work, I feel the creative energy surges through me and excites me with new brilliant ideas. I radiate love and compassion, and my career is growing and thriving


I am loved and I work hard for everything I love

As I see my loved ones when I say goodbye, I feel the river of love and compassion flowing through my heart and their smile ignites my spirit to work hard. A river of compassion washes away my worries and replaces it with love. Today, I will give my best to myself and everyone I love, today, I achieve what I want to achieve. My loved ones look up to me and I am admired, and my dream manifest into reality. Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy


My life is just beginning

My life is just beginning. I respect and love myself. I accept my power. Every experience I have is perfect for my growth. I am worth loving and there is love around me. I stand up for my belief and work toward my mission. Every day I have control over my thoughts and choices. Every day I learn new things. Every day I treat other with respect and humility. I am happy and enjoy my life.

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