UFC Fighter Dan Hooker’s Surprising Offer To Thief Who Stole His Wallet

The first two weeks of 2019 has not been very good to the so-called “stupid criminals.” Picking the wrong victims, they always end up getting severely punished. But things are about to change for them or at least for a thief from New Zealand. 

A robber in Auckland stole the wallet of UFC fighter Dan Hooker over the weekend, but unlike Polyana Viana of Brazil, the Kiwi fighter is not resorting to violence and wants to spare the suspect from a cruel punishment.

Hooker has offered the thief a free membership to his gym so he can stop stealing from people.

UFC lightweight Dan Hooker was robbed by a thief in his hometown in Auckland last Saturday night. He lost his wallet after the suspect swiped it from his truck. The thief then proceeded to a laundromat to take some coins from Hooker’s credit card, which was recorded by the business’ security cameras.

“The Hangman” was able to review the security footage and took screenshots of the thief before sharing it on social media and asking his fans to help him identify the man. The Kiwi fighter also shared a photo of the man’s distinctive tattoos.

“AUCKLAND SHARE! This low life stole my wallet from my truck Saturday night. Genius then used my card to withdraw coins (just after midnight at wash world in Greenlane). He has some very distinctive tattoos on his right arm (swipe right). I would like to have a word with this man. Cash reward for whoever gets me his name.”

One fan commented on his Instagram post, “That guy went to school with me.”

To which he replied, “What school was it?”

The conversation probably continued in a direct message, and Hooker was able to identify the man. Luckily, the UFC fighter was not around during the incident last weekend as the man may have suffered the same fate as the mugger from Brazil, who got completely hammered by UFC fighter Polyana Viana.

Pure Class

Interestingly, the 28-year-old fighter wants to spare the suspect from harsh treatment. Instead, he is offering the man a free gym membership so can he learn the values one can learn from mixed martial arts.

“I’m going to turn the other cheek and give him a free membership to my gym. Martial Arts will teach him self respect and discipline so he doesn’t go around stealing from other hardworking Kiwis. I just need to track him down to extend the olive branch.”

“The Hangman” competes in UFC’s lightweight division and currently holds a win-loss card of 7-4. He last saw actions at UFC Milwaukee in December, where his five-fight winning streak ended following a knockout loss to Brazil’s Edson Barboza.

(Featured Image Source: Instagram/Dan Hooker)



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