What is IXQTV and why should you care?(ingnore this at your peril)

You should care because this is literally the only chance many of you will ever have to successfully transition from being a employee to business owner.

It’s not the only opportunity you will find. There are many of those.

It’s just that this is so much easier than anything else out there…

Everything else is harder.

I know. I’ve been doing this 21 years.

This is easy enough that even those with below-average intelligence and skills can win.
(I’m not saying that’s you, I’m just giving you an example)

I look for things that the average person can win with.

So, what is IXQTV?
It’s streaming TV.
6,000+ channels.
All the premium movie channels.
Local channels.
Spanish channels + 40 other languages.
All the kids channels.
Every conceivable sporting even, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Soccer, MMA, etc.
… everything you are watching now, plus 20X more channels than what you have…

All for just $39/mo.

The fact is, half the people you contact are paying $100 to $250/mo just for their cable TV.

Using our service doesn’t cost them money, it saves them money and gives them way more choices.

It’s freakin’ “dummy-simple.”

“Do you want to save money and have 20X the channels or not?”

There is no convincing…

No persuading…

No arguing…

No pressuring…

It’s TV.

It’s way, way more channels for way, way less money.

It’s like, what’s the complication here?

Okay. So, you save a bunch of people some money and IXQTV will pay you $10 to $15 each and every month.

You earn part of their TV bill.

They watch TV, you get paid.

There are 5 more ways we earn, but that is just the Customer Commission portion.

Beginning to “get it” now?

By all means, if you’d rather try building a fortune by selling vitamin supplements or lotions for $200+ per month… be my guest.

I’ve done that.

It’s unbelievably hard to do.

If you want EASY, pay attention to what I’m showing you.

You can go here for the basics and an inside view of the service.

You can go here for a tutorial on how the pay works.

If you want to do a trial for 24 hours, reply and let me know when exactly you’d like it to start, and provide your phone number.

We are going to capture just 0.5% of this market. There are about 780M people paying for cable TV or paid satellite. 0.5% is 3.9M customers.

You can be there, right at the top of it, if you’re smart.

Most people, when they realize they can get paid from others watching TV, they get curious and want to learn more. But, some people don’t. Some people are too busy smoking weed and playing video games to worry about taking care of their families.


Click the link above to get the details.

Questions? Reply, or text me at 410-690-4220.

Jack Holbrook


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